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Zine: Unsewing My Lips

My first zine… Well, the first one I’ve finished. I’m so proud of myself. It’s a do-for-self care & defence guide.

SELF CARE! coming to voice, recovery from abuses of intimacy, hair, looking after myself, celibacy, abstinence, ending my silence, fear, learning, confidence, creating, dropping out of “The” “Anarchist” scene, London, friends, Queer People of Colour, trees <3

Summer 2012

Update: I’m a genderqueer non-binary person, but I wasn’t identifying as such when I wrote this, so some of the language I use to refer to myself is inaccurate. 18 October 2014

Download Unsewing My Lips (pdf)

The title of this zine was inspired by Emmy the Great’s song, 24, which I first heard when a friend sang it, whilst accompanying herself on the guitar:

“24 for every year that I have slept
Day by day into the neck of the abyss
And I am 24 today I don’t believe I’ll sit
Through another year of this while you are sewing up my lips
And I am sorry that you happened to me
Sorry that you happened to me
Sorry that you happened to me but
They say one man is the accident, the other is the hand that stops the blood
And I am looking for the other one, for the hand to stop the blood”

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You can buy Unsewing My Lips directly from me for £2.50 (including UK postage). Buy online. Or, you can send me your request; make sure you include your email address, postal address and how you’d like to pay.

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